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Peal Prover is available as a free download. Following this link will first of all install the PealProver Download Manager. This application will then install all of the PealProver components, and handle future updates for you.

If you like PealProver just tell everyone about it !!!  :o)

If you need any assistance with using Peal Prover, or have any suggestions for ways of improving it, then email Dave Ware.



The program allows you to carry out the following main actions:

  • Use place notations to define a method.
  • Print out the changes and blue line for a method.
  • Define a calling composition.
  • Print out the changes or lead ends for a composition.
  • Check if a composition is true or false.
  • Search for musical changes in a composition.
  • Check the leads rung in each method by each bell in a spliced composition.
  • Allows half lead splicing and snap lead starts.
  • Ring all or part of a composition (to hear if the musical bits really are musical).

Known Issues

This version of PealProver requires some Microsoft redistributable libraries to be installed in order to run. The Microsoft installer for these libraries is wrapped up in the PealProver installer, but it does sometimes take a long time to run (nothing i can do about it - it's a Microsoft installer, not mine). However, some people have cancelled the Microsoft installation thinking it had stopped working. If you do this PealProver will not run, and re-running the PealProver installer will sometimes not fix the problem. If you get into this situation, click on the following link Microsoft Libraries to download and install the Microsoft libraries on their own.

Recent Enhancements

Version 6.1 - 2016

  • Allow manual formatting of the screen and print layout (see composition file new_col key word).
  • Fixed bug in "other call" place notations.
  • Allow up to 512 methods in spliced compositions (was previously 128).
  • Allow up to 512 parts in any composition (was previously 256).
  • Added new Download Manager application to handle PealProver updates.
  • Migrated to a more up to date version of Visual Studio for the development environment.

Version 6.0 - 2012

  • Allow half lead splicing and snap lead starts (see composition file part_lead key word).
  • Added the Ring Changes feature to allow you to hear all or part of your composition. In order to use this feature you must be running on Windows XP or later.
  • If you upgrade using the PealProver updates wizard then the update will be performed in 2 stages. First you will be upgraded to version 5.4.2, which has a modified updates wizard to cope better with the large installer file required for version 6.0. The updates wizard in version 5.4.2 will then upgrade you to version 6.0

Version 5.4 - 2011

  • New help manual, written as a .chm file so that it works with Windows 7. The new help manual is also backwards compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista.
  • All data files are now held in a folder called PealProver under the user's Application Data folder, rather then in the installation folder. This has become necessary to avoid problems with Windows Vista and Windows 7 hiding files away in the virtual store.
  • Modified the updates wizard to conform to Microsoft's latest rules for applications that automatically download their own updates from the internet.
  • Fixed bug in resolving long printer names (usually encountered when the printer was hosted on another computer).
  • Added feature to allow compositions that are longer than one extent. e.g. Roger Bailey's 5040 of Cambridge Minor, or a 240 of doubles.

Version 5.3 - 2010

Added feature to allow the details of an update to be displayed before downloading and installing it. Made the "Scan Changes" feature case insensitive (so the pattern '*e9780t' matches any change ending with 'E9780T'). Made the "Scan Changes" dialog resizeable. Added an option to the "Scan Changes" dialog to only count each change once if it matches multiple scan patterns. Peal Prover now automatically backs up the current methods and compositions databases before downloading a new version of the application.

Version 5.2 - 2009

Added wildcard search patterns to the "Scan Changes" feature. Added feature to download new methods libraries as well as new versions of the Peal Prover application. Added winhlp32 to the installer so that Windows Vista users can access the Peal Prover help pages.

Version 5.1 - 2007

Added new features to analyse the leads rung by each bell in a spliced composition. Allow touches to start from a change other than rounds (e.g short touches of Grandsire Caters that bring up pretty music but start with 2 bells swapped over to reduce the length of the touch). Made the Compositions Message Log dialog resizable, so it's now easier to read. Added an automatic updates wizard to allow Peal Prover to detect and download its own new versions when they become available in future. Fixed the bug where Peal Prover would crash if run on a PC with no printer drivers installed.

Version 5.0 - 2004

Modified to allow methods on 16 bells. Added the ability to mark course ends in a composition file - these lead ends are then automatically underlined by Peal Prover when the composition lead ends are generated. Added a "Copy to Clipboard" facility, so that the generated changes can be copied onto the clipboard as a picture, and then pasted into another application (e.g. Word).

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