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    Tower Details Template
    Insert the following between the | characters below:
        1. Thumbnail of tower (need to upload this first)
        2. Dedication
        3. Number of bells
        4. Tenor weight
        5. Tenor note
        6. Extra information (e.g. GF)
        7. Practice night information
        8. Sunday service information
        9. Grid reference
        10. Link to Association site (e.g. BATH%20%20%20%20AB)
        11. Name of contact
        12. Tower website address
        13. y/n whether the association website has an e-mail address for the tower


<!-- The following are suggested headings only -->

== About the Tower ==

<!-- Information about the church/tower -->

== Ringing ==

<!-- This section is intended for visitors to read a bit about you and the kind of ringing you do. -->

=== Practice Nights ===

<!-- The type of ringing you do and whether they should contact you first. -->

=== Sunday Service Ringing ===

<!-- The type of ringing you do and whether they should contact you first. -->

=== Access to the Ringing Room ===

<!-- Any instructions required to get in, how far up the belfry it, etc. -->

== Map ==


    The following code inserts a Google Map so that you can locate your tower.
    Enter the longitude and latitude of your tower in the fields below.

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="51.381693" lon="-2.358555" zoom="15">
51.381463, -2.358755

== Nearby Towers ==

    List of towers nearby and how far in the following format:

* [[Tower Name]], distance

    Add the tower to the listing by including the following with your tower name inserted:

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